AutoMiddleEast Reviews the Lexus CT 200h

2011 Lexus CT 200h in BlueAutoMiddleEast has posted a review of the Lexus CT 200h that’s worth reading — and not only just to get a glimpse of the model in Ultrasonic Blue (an exterior color not yet available in North America) or because the reviewer admits to taking the press car up to 109mph.

No, the real insight comes with the reviewer’s unique perspective into how the CT 200h fits in a market where fuel conservation is hardly a daily concern.

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  1. In Australia, the Flame Blue (Ultrasonic Blue in Australia) is only available on the F-Sport Model. I saw one today in fact. Absolutely stunning. 
  2. Beautiful colour but those rims are way too smaller for the CT. My favourite rims for this car are the F-Sport that I saw fitted on the CT at the L.A Autoshow 2010 and on the white pearl SEMA examplar.
  3. 18" F-Sport rims
  4. Unlike what they say, CT doesn't have a 36bhp electric motor. It have a 60KW (80bhp) electric motor with 207Nm of torque. 36bhp it's the power provided by the battery which has 27Kw (36bhp) of maximum power
  5. If they made a 200h-F it would be a  1M killer!!!!
  6. Here in Saudi Arabia, we have two grades of fuel: 91 and 95 (RON) which are roughly equivalent to the 87 and 90 (AKI) used in the US, respectively. 1 liter of 91 costs 12 cents while 95 costs 16 cents per liter. As such, hybrids are a bit of a novelty here. I have first seen the CT 200h almost 4 months in the local dealership. I have yet to see one on the streets and I see lots of cars everyday as my daily commute is 120Km/75 miles and I go through some upscale communities. I usually see new cars on the street within a maximum of 2 weeks after their release (save for rare exotic cars, of course); sometimes merely days after. Thinking about it, I 'may' have seen one (1) LS 600h and that has been released a while ago. People here associate luxury with spaciousness and raw performance. As such, the odds that you would see an LS 460 (rather than the LS 460L) is easily 1-to-50. I also reckon that Porsche Cayenne and Panamera have sold more in recent years than all other Porsches combined.... since the beginning of automotive time here! I don't see many that would want to pay $34K (base model) or $45K (premium model) to get a CT 200h; a compact and underpowered car. The savings aren't that great and no one cares about the environment. My Honda Civic 1.8 consume $50 worth of premium fuel (RON 95) for its monthly commute of 3500Km/2200 miles. Even if consumes $100 a month, it still won't be viable to get a hybrid because the return of investment is really marginal.