Next-Generation Lexus LS Rumors

By way of the Japanese Car Design Corner, the latest issue of Best Car has some new rumors on the next-generation Lexus LS:

Best Car Rumors on 2014 Lexus LS

(Before getting into this new rumor, I should point out that this LS photochop is nothing new, originally appearing in a 2007 issue of Road & Track.)

If Best Car is to be believed, the fifth-gen LS will not be available until 2014, when it will be offered in a F-Sport package using the same 2GR-FE V6 engine as the current ES 350. The LS hybrid powertrain would remain unchanged, though it would benefit from the IS-F’s horsepower bump, making it 417 hp (plus the electric motors).

Have serious doubts about any of this being true — pretty safe to say this is nothing but speculation made up to sell magazines. Still, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the next LS with a V6 engine, at least in non-North American markets.

[Source: Best Car via Japanese Car Design Corner]


  1. I think Toyota really have to produced a forced induction smaller engine for LS to get even more market ...
  2. Wasn't that the purposed Ultra Lexus to compete against Bentley and Rolls? Also the headlamps look Maybach-ish.
  3. 3.5L F Sports? Doubtful here.
    • A 3.5L engine in an LS is plausible, so is the F-Sport package -- but together it just doesn't make sense.
  4. With the Toyota Motor Corporation being as notoriously tight lipped about future products as they are,such rumours must always be taken with a grain of salt or two and no,I don´t think it´s very plausible either.
  5. Sorry but I hope LS never gets a smaller V6 engine, it just wouldn't feel right, when I think of an LEXUS LS, I think of smoothness, V8 power, soft and delicate car..
  6. WOW rumors again i donno i have another scenario i guess we will see at least 8 new models in the NG - LS LS350  (RWD)----NEW MODEL LS350  (AWD)----NEW MODEL LS350L (RWD)----NEW MODELLS350L (AWD)----NEW MODEL LS460  (RWD) LS460  (AWD) LS460L (RWD) LS460L (AWD) LS560  (RWD)----NEW MODEL LS560  (AWD)----NEW MODEL LS560L (RWD)----NEW MODEL LS560L (AWD)----NEW MODEL LS600h (RWD) LS600h (AWD)  LS600hL(RWD)  LS600hL(AWD) that's what i guess also we may see a larger diesel engine in the LS for Europe , or may be a diesel hybrid  who knows
    • I doubt we´ll see diesels in future Lexus models with ever stricter emission regulations. 
    • i donno i guess TOYOTA wanna back in game we will see what magic they have in their bag there are a lot of models near 30 New generation model in the next 2 years plus the new engines technology
    • I am with your thinnking as well. This is what Lexus really needs to compete with Germans-----If they follow through with this much needed aggressive line-up--LS would be winner in all sale leadership globally. I hope your knowledge and thinkning is right on.
    • i thought that is the only route to gain their title again  as thought also that their will be more that body style sedan standard base sedan long base plus CL competitor may be they might call it LC
    • While I can definitely see a power bump in the next-generation LS, I think it will come from the 5.0L V8 from the LSh. A LS 500 sounds about right to me, but that's more than what most people need -- that's why I think the V6 LS makes sense. The idea of a V6 LS is appealing to me, but only if it's paired up with a hybrid system, like whatever's going to be used for the next-generation GS hybrid -- the LS 450h? That sounds fantastic to me.
    • i thought that is the only route to gain their title again  as thought also that their will be more that body style sedan standard base sedan long base plus CL competitor may be they might call it LC
  7. PG

    Can't imagine the F-Sport will be V6-powered. But Lexus certainly would do well to include a six-cylinder model for the Asian and European markets. Most 7ers and S-Classes I see around here in Switzerland have six cylinders.
    • There isn't the same bias against V6 flagship sedans there in Europe -- it would a smart move to bring out a model to compete with that. I say a V6 Hybrid would do the trick.
  8. I doubt you'll see a diesel Lexus engine ever again, specially not a diesel LS.. Imagine a diesel LS in the US market lol, sales of the LS will die out as quickly as they grew..
  9. The chart on the left says the specs are purely guesses, and they're also guessing that the LS F Sport will be available for the CURRENT generation of LS, not for the next generation.
  10. This is my two cents: 1.  The LS is always introduced in the fall, and is due to be replaced next fall 2012 (2013 model year) 2.  The only rumors I've heard is it will go on a diet, which makes sense.  The LS600h weighs over 5k. 3.  If the LS goes on a diet, the big V6 becomes realistic in SWB, especially with the new 740i out there 4.  I fully expect 400HP from the eight, AWD optional, and a $72-75k price tag to start.  $80+k for LWB 5.  We should see it first at the Tokyo Auto Show, and I think it will be hitting the streets as the LA Auto Show kicks off next year. 6.  I think every LS model will lose 150-200lbs I think the current one is EASILY the best looking car in the "Prestige class" and needs an evolutionary, not revolutionary styling update BD
    • Dfh

      The current LS is the best looking sedan on the road.. Despite it being 5yrs old.. It always looks very  very sophisticated
  11. This looks really cool! Will Lexus get this aggressive? Looking forward to next year :) Maybach of Japan is a great route.
  12. Looks like they photoshopped a Mercedes Maybach concept & a Nissan Teana & called it a Lexus!