Next-Generation Lexus LS Rumors

By way of the Japanese Car Design Corner, the latest issue of Best Car has some new rumors on the next-generation Lexus LS:

Best Car Rumors on 2014 Lexus LS

(Before getting into this new rumor, I should point out that this LS photochop is nothing new, originally appearing in a 2007 issue of Road & Track.)

If Best Car is to be believed, the fifth-gen LS will not be available until 2014, when it will be offered in a F-Sport package using the same 2GR-FE V6 engine as the current ES 350. The LS hybrid powertrain would remain unchanged, though it would benefit from the IS-F’s horsepower bump, making it 417 hp (plus the electric motors).

Have serious doubts about any of this being true — pretty safe to say this is nothing but speculation made up to sell magazines. Still, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the next LS with a V6 engine, at least in non-North American markets.

[Source: Best Car via Japanese Car Design Corner]