Lexus IS Sportcross & Lexus CT 200h Together

Here’s the unique sight of a Lexus CT 200h together with a first-generation IS Sportcross, as taken by automotive author Basem Wasef:

Lexus CT 200h with IS Sportcross

Even though the IS Sportcross was released before Lexus’ L-Finesse design language, you can still see a ton of similarities between the models, particularly in the rear.

Great photo!

[Source: Basem Wasef]


  1. Modern cars are like tanks aha
  2. and yes it looks like a Matrix too
    • So does the next generation Mercedes A-Class: The Matrix set the standard shape for everyone, it seems.
  3. Cool! I never thought to compare the CT to the IS wagon. I always thought the CT reminded me of the Toyota Matrix (not that I think the CT is bad or anything). I can definitely see the design consistencies between the CT and the IS wagon.
    • Yeah -- turns out the photographer's friend owns the IS Sportcross and it just made sense to put them together. Crazy that they were both silver, though.
  4. The CT looks very nice
  5. Ahh! those wagons are bad ass!!
  6. I still preference the IS. The design is timeless, which is very hard to do in a mainstream vehicle. That car was a homerun for Lexus, and bulletproof reliable.
    • yeah true, the only car Today that would fir under 'timeless' will be the LS460, it truly is a sophisticated looking car, they make it beautiful without it being flash and that's a challenge, you see new cars today with all the chrome but they still look cheap and ugly..
    • All that chrome and crap... your referring to typical American made cars right ; ) AGREED!