Creating the Music for the Lexus International Gallery Aoyama in Tokyo

Here’s a 2008 video of Japanese composer Masato Hatanaka and his efforts to create the ambient music playing at the Lexus International Gallery Aoyama in Tokyo:

Admittedly, the video and the concept are a little out of the ordinary — but it also displays the uniqueness that I would expect at a Japanese Lexus dealership. Here are some details on the sound environment installation, taken from a old press release:

With an exterior that blends with its city surroundings and an interior highlighted by a novel sculpture that extends vertically into a vaulted space, Lexus International Gallery Aoyama achieves a spatial design indicative of the upscale feeling that is Lexus. Especially designed for this space (by Yamaha Corporation) is a sound environment that integrates indirect sound and beam-forming technologies aimed at allowing visitors to forget the hustle and bustle outside.

I tried to find photos of the exhibit, but with no luck — would love to have seen this.


  1. This is a cool sound for a still, spacious gallery, but I bet the paycheck for the artist is greater than it should be. aha I'm just stoked about this Lexus museum!
    • Hard to believe, but it's actually a dealership, not a museum. It's for international guests.
    • REAlly?! wow... That's amazing! Sorry I overlooked that. Is it just me, or does this dealer seem to have a close connection with the corporates? aha Anyways, I MUST VISIT THERE!
    • I'm pretty sure it's run by Lexus Japan, which is as close to corporate as you can get. :-)