NY Autoshow: Supercharged Lexus CT by Fox Marketing

Lexus CT 200h Supercharged by Fox Marketing

From the candy-apple-gold-green color and the wild fender flares right down to the personality behind the build, the supercharged Lexus CT 200h by Fox Marketing featured at the New York Auto Show was packed with character — check out these photos:

Brian Fox, the man behind Fox Marketing, is a straight-up wildman, and you can see it in every detail of the CT, especially when it comes to the power mods. With the installed Eaton supercharger, Climax Racing intake manifold, and the Yonaka intercooler, this CT is putting out close to 300hp — more than double the power of the stock engine. That’s a super-serious hybrid performance boost.


As an added bonus, Brian also sent over this quick video walkaround he shot on the autoshow floor: