NY Autoshow: Supercharged Lexus CT by Fox Marketing

Lexus CT 200h Supercharged by Fox Marketing

From the candy-apple-gold-green color and the wild fender flares right down to the personality behind the build, the supercharged Lexus CT 200h by Fox Marketing featured at the New York Auto Show was packed with character — check out these photos:

Brian Fox, the man behind Fox Marketing, is a straight-up wildman, and you can see it in every detail of the CT, especially when it comes to the power mods. With the installed Eaton supercharger, Climax Racing intake manifold, and the Yonaka intercooler, this CT is putting out close to 300hp — more than double the power of the stock engine. That’s a super-serious hybrid performance boost.


As an added bonus, Brian also sent over this quick video walkaround he shot on the autoshow floor:


  1. I wonder if that Super Charger can be applied on Toyota Prius that used the same engine ? :P
  2. I love how nicely that glowing L-insignia with the h beside it turned out! It's a nice way to add leather (real?) to the vehicle! The rims turned out pretty nice, and I like that oversized rear diffuser. I'm just not too sure about the changes to the front - particularly the design.
  3. How much did it affect the engine in terms of MPG? TRD could offer superchargers for this and the Prius
  4. YUCK! this thing is ugliness incarnate, what on earth made Lexus display this monstrosity?
    • Well, we're getting a bit into personal taste here. I know you're not a huge fan of the tuned cars for the most part, but seeing a decked-out CT like this gets a lot of people thinking about their own modifications, and how the car can be customized. Different people like different things.
    • Right you are Krew, tuner cars are love 'em or hate 'em designs, personally I like my Lexus the way Lexus designers intended it to be. But what stupefies me is why Lexus would display someone else's (hideous) wares in their show stand, haven't seen other car makers do the same at NY or Detroit, SEMA maybe.
    • You're right, none of the other luxury brands at NYIAS (that I saw at least) had any third-party modified cars at their displays, but that right there might be the answer to the question-- nobody else is doing it. All else aside, it's certainly a unique angle and adds visual interest (and some fun) to the Lexus display.
  5. If it was black, it would be straigt evil. I love black. I wonder what the MPG is now? Stock is around 40MPG, but even if it's now "just" 30MPG it would be worth it to have 300hp!
    • Good question -- I know that the CT was worked on all the way up to the autoshow, so I don't imagine there's been much fuel economy testing yet. Hopefully we find out something in the future.
  6. What do these car-builders think they are? Designer's? This thing is ugly and is an embarrasment to Lexus and we who own a Lexus.
  7. Butchered! besides the 90's paint scheme, it's not painted well.
  8. Any Tom,Dick,Harry & his dog can mod a Lexus & no matter how ridiculous it looks, Lexus will display it in their booth. Most car makers display only their products in their show stands, exceptions may be BMW who may display Alpina cars, which doesn't mutilate existing BMW design. Lexus needs to stop displaying "junk" along with brand new cars!
  9. 1.8L Inline-4 Supercharged Hybrid me like. I just wish they could have a used a more power electric motor, so instead of the car having 136 hp it would have had 150 hp.
  10. I saw this car in person. Looks great.
  11. what do we have to do to get lexus to make this supercharger? my car is on order and i would be more than willing to get it, especially after fox marketing stated an mpg of 44 on their facebook page!