Lexus CT 200h Commercial from Australia

Continuing with their massive CT 200h marketing push, Lexus Australia has released a new daredevil commercial:

One thing that really stood out about this commercial was something in the dialogue — “the two-mode, two-mood hybrid”. It’s certainly not the first time we’ve seen the CT being marketed as having a split personality with its Eco & Sport modes, but something about this specific phrasing really drove the point home.

Lexus has managed to define the CT 200h very well, and what’s more impressive is that it’s been done with uniform quality on a global scale.

(On a related note, I found a blog post describing how this commercial was made — interesting reading if you’re of a technical nature.)


  1. JVX

    I really like the commercials on the CT200h. Lexus did a good job on getting across the impression of performance-first, eco-friendly second.
  2. does the CT really only have 1 reverse light?
    • It just depends what country the CT is sold in. Some countries only require one reverse light, while countries like the US and Canada require 2.
    • Didn't the XB have one light during its redesign?
    • You are right I remember reading a memo about how that was causing confusion amongst scion owners who thought that one of there lights had burnt out. I always thought it was required by law to have 2 working reverse lights in NA. A friend of mine was pulled over once and was warned by police when the officer saw him reversing with only one light operating. The officer told him that he needed both lights to be operating in order to be compliant.
    • Mini has been doing the one reverse light since it's launch in the US. I believe the two reverse light is listed an an optional package if you get a certain package (I think it's the clear tail light option that has two reverse light.)
    • The facelifted xB has two reverse lights. The 2nd gen tC only has one.
  3. Good looking car thats how sure. Stock ride height is a little too high for my liking first thing i would do is lower that bad boy
  4. guys chek this out lf gh
  5. Lexus sold 222 CT's in Australia for it's first month which is very good for our small market. Generally, Lexus Australia sells between 450-500 units a month (average) and the CT managed some good numbers however bare-in-mind some of those were marketing cars and pre-orders. None-the-less, good start and should do ok in Oz. I've noticed the CT is off to a good start in Europe and North America aswell ... lets hope production stoppages in Japan don't restrict availability of the CT to much - fingers crossed.
  6. That was a NICE commerical...Lexus Marketing team a thumps up!
  7. Just one reversing light on Australian models, the space on the other side is used for a rear foglight in a similar theme to European Lexus'.