Old Lexus LX 470 Print Ads from Australia

In a random search, I stumbled across this set of Lexus Australia print ads for the Lexus LX 470 (click for larger versions):

Lexus LX 470 Print Ads

Lexus LX 470 Print Ads

Lexus LX 470 Print Ads

These M.C. Escher-style designs are wild to look at, but relating it back to the LX 470 is almost too subtle — my guess is that it was a combination of the LX’s go-anywhere capabilities & the addition of the Adjustable Height Control suspension.

(Wish I had found them in larger resolutions, every one of them would be great as a desktop wallpaper.)

[Source: Ad Goodness]


  1. Seems fitting Seeing a Lexus SUV going off-roading in real life is almost like an optical illusion