Lexus LFA Spotted in New Fast & Furious Movie Trailer

The new trailer for the latest Fast & Furious is out, and if you watch it closely enough, there’s a split-second appearance by a very special guest star around the 1:49 mark:

Just in case you missed it, here’s some screenshots:

Lexus LFA in Fast & Furious

Lexus LFA is Great for Making out

Good to see there’s enough room in the LFA for a furious make-out session. Eyes on the road!


  1. Im so excited,i need to hear the lexus LFA sound in IMAX 3D,i hope we can see the LFA in the whole movie.
  2. great as if the first fast and Furious wasn't dumb enough :D At least the LFA will make its debut in a feature movie...
  3. Hope they are intending on crashing it anytime during the film
  4. WOOT! I swear this was one of my dreams... but I also swear that I was the driver x)
  5. IM SOOO GOIN TO WATCH THIS. LFA FTW ! Hope its the the star car like the Toyota Supra.
  6. Nice video clipping. I am totally impressed with the new Supra's design features, and very soon I am going to own one for my self