Lexus LFA at Infineon Raceway

The Lexus LFA Driver Development Program starts tomorrow at the Infineon Raceway, and to mark the occasion, let’s watch Scott Pruett Justin Bell tackle the course using an LFA equipped with a very impressive tracking system by Video VBOX:

Having the full details on LFA’s speed & steering wheel position is going to come in real handy, as next Monday I’ll be in Sonoma, California to take part in the Driver Development program for a future Lexus Magazine feature.

Now, with my only personal experience in the LFA (or any supercar) being two laps around the New Jersey Motorsports Park, I’ve put considerable time behind the wheel of GT5’s virtual LFA in hopes that it can somehow prepare me. The ritual of driving Nürburgring has worked to calm my nerves and improve my confidence (as long as I ignore my frightening tendency to crash !!!).

As mentioned, this is in collaboration with Lexus Magazine, so I will be sharing my experience on both here & there — I’ll also be attempting my first “serious” video, something I’m very excited about. To top of it all off, it’s going to be my first time in California, so I’ll be travelling down for Torrance for a visit to Lexus HQ. It’s going to be busy week — stay tuned!

Update: It turns out that the Scott Pruett in-car lap was actually at the Auto Club Speedway — have to thank Faisal_ajmal62 for the correction. I’ve since replaced the video above with an Infineon lap with Justin Bell using the same metering technology, but here’s the Scott Pruett lap for prosperity’s sake: