Lexus Canada CT 200h Commercial

Lexus Canada has revealed their CT 200h launch commercial, and it’s a racy affair:

Just in case you miss it — it’s a different girl at the end (you can tell from the necklace). Scandalous!

Update: There’s also a shorter 15 second spot:

I’m willing to bet that the CT 200h becomes Canada’s best selling Lexus in short order (though the RX may prove tough to beat). Lexus Canada has been collecting all the CT online buzz on their website, I even spotted some of my articles on there!


  1. It for sure wasn't filmed in Montreal. Doesn't really look like Toronto but I can be wrong. Still a great commercial.
  2. ooo... Lexus being naughty. aha
  3. I love this type of advertisement-----the US needs to use this theme to attract the younger professional crowd------excellent delivery of music and photo shoot !
  4. anyone know the name/artist for that song?
    • As a matter of fact, PhilBeLoco just found it:
      The song is called "Drip" by Se7en. There are lyrics, but you can find an instrumental version though :D With Lyrics: Instrumental:
    • Thats not the song......
    • Oops -- got myself all confused. Let me see what I can find out and I'll report back.
    • thanks.. but thats the wrong commercial.. i was referring to the song from the "Lexus Canada CT 200h Commercial" (that i see posted above)
  5. The song is called Odessa by caribou
  6. RP

    So was it filmed in Vancouver? I have tried looking at google images of Montreal and Vancouver to match those buildings seen in the video, but i Haven't had luck
  7. Alo

    that was shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was part of the crew.