Lexus CT 200h Hybrid Commercial, Part 2

Yesterday, we saw the first three US commercials for the Lexus CT 200h, and now here’s the forth:

This one is surely the most memorable of them all, especially with its similarity to Inception. Interesting to see the Fire Agate Pearl exterior paint featured so prominently, but it’s not surprising given its uniqueness.

(It sure doesn’t hurt that the music is so fantastic.)


  1. This one is my favorite--looking forward to great sales volume in the likes of the RX possibly or more. Anxious for more new products----come on GS
  2. anyone know the name if the song
  3. @krew: thank you very much
  4. Who is the guy in this commercial?!???!??!? :-o:-o:-o:-o
  5. Bob

    anyone know song for Lexus CT 200h Commercial Canada
  6. Anyone who finds the name of this songs will have made my day :D
  7. Just found it!! The song is called "Drip" by Se7en. There are lyrics, but you can find an instrumental version though :D With Lyrics: Instrumental:
    • I don't the song is entirely "Drip." The rhythm of the drums are different and "Drip" is missing the synth that appears at the end of the commercial. It could a remix of the "Drip." Man, I would be willing to pay good money for a copy of this track!