Next-Generation Lexus IS F?

Along with their photochop of the next-generation Lexus IS, Best Car also tried their hand at the future IS F (click for a larger image):

The 2013 Lexus IS-F

From the Japanese blurb, it looks like Best Car is suggesting the engine output will remain unchanged in the next-gen IS F, which is something I doubt very much. It wouldn’t surprising to see the IS-F powered by the same 5.0L V8, but there’s no way it doesn’t get at least a minor power bump.

As with their 3G IS image, this 2G IS F photochop doesn’t show much in the way of progress, though I’ll admit there’s something about the front-end design that’s appealing.

Last up in our Best Car round-up is this rendering of a possible IS F Convertible (click for a larger image):

2013 Lexus IS-F Convertible

This is probably my favorite of the three photochops, though it’s likely because I’m a sucker for panoramic glass roofs. Again, I like the sculpted front-end, though it all cases there’s far too much “concept car” in the lines.

(The idea of an IS F Convertible is interesting, but it does lead to a dilemma — what to call it? The IS FC?)

[Source: Best Car via Japanese Car Design Corner]