2012 Lexus GS Photochops

An as-yet-unknown Japanese magazine has put together their rendition of the fourth-generation Lexus GS:

2012 Lexus GS

While it may be a modified version of this CT 200h photo and a poor photochop all round, I’ll give it some points on the clever headlights.

Also included was an attempt at the GS F:

2012 Lexus GS F

Again, it’s another riff on an existing CT photo and not what I’d expect to see in a GS F, but there is some information included with the photochop — namely, it would be powered by 5L V8 putting out 459 hp (465 ps) and weigh 1600kg, or 3,527 lbs, which would be a weight savings over 200 lbs. as compared with the GS 460.

Clearly, both of these designs borrow heavily from the CT, and I think there might be some truth to that. The front-end of the CT brings a number of nicely shaped & aggressive design cues (particularly down around the foglights), and I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see some hint of the CT design in the new GS.

(Thanks Holger!)