Canadian Debut of the Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA Configuration Event

Last week, I attended the Canadian debut of the Lexus LFA at the Exhibition Place in Toronto. On display was a white LFA, which has been sent on loan from Lexus Japan and has arrived just in time to make stops at all of Canada’s major auto shows (including this week’s Toronto Auto Show).

The display was amazing, the LFA all lit up — here are some Lexus-supplied images:

During the introduction presentation, Lexus confirmed that Canada will be receiving 10 LFAs, which will be spread out to owners in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Windsor, Calgary and Vancouver. Vancouver, by some stroke of luck, will be home to 5 of the 10 LFAs.

Of course, given that snow & ice cover just about everything in Ontario, there was no driving time, but we did have a chance to go through a process similar to what actual LFA buyers experienced, complete with the full LFA Configuration Kit — here are some fantastic photos of the full gear:

Interesting fact — just like the LFA, this kit was expensive, costing $20,000 to produce.

So — when it was my turn to customize my LFA? It was a tough call, but here’s what I eventually went with:


Although it doesn’t look like much in this image, the Starlight Black was easily my favorite color in person, it has a ton of this grey/blue fleck — here’s a look at the color sample, though it’s still hard to really see:

Lexus LFA Starlight Black

I finished it off with the dark finish wheels and silver callipers, a color that I carried in to the interior:

KREW Lexus LFA Interior

The interior was something I wavered on quite a bit, especially when it came to choosing between Alcantara & leather — eventually it sunk in that I wasn’t actually getting a LFA, so I went with the silver leather.

All in all, it was a great way to spend an afternoon, thanks to everyone Lexus Canada for their hospitality!