Flickr Find: Yellow Lexus LFA Glowing Bright

David Nickerson II at Nue Vue Photography has taken some absolutely breathtaking photographs of the yellow Lexus LFA prototype — here’s a sampling from his Flickr stream:

Yellow Lexus LFA in Garage

Yellow Lexus LFA in Garage Rear

Yellow Lexus LFA Driving at Night

Beautifully done — be sure to check out Dave’s entire LFA photoset and the rest of his photos over at Flickr.


  1. Absolutely, truely stunning. Arguably the best pics of the LFA yet !!
  2. OMFG !!!!!!!!!! Too much sex in the first pic. WALLPAPER SIZE ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. how do u actually differentiate prototype and production LFA?
  4. @CliffCLF: The first thing is that we already knew this was a prototype. x] The other thing is that it had a plate between the left and right occupant's shoulders that read "LFA P014". The P stands for prototype. Production models' don't say that.