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VAIS Tech Updates Lexus iPod Integration Kits

VAIS Technology

If you’re looking to upgrade your Lexus iPod/Media Player integration, VAIS Technology has two new products that should provide the features you’re looking for.

First up is the SoundLinQ2 SL2iC, which brings iPod-style navigation to most Lexus models from 2001-2009, including video display and navigation unlocking (super bonus feature!).

If you have a 2009+ model or happen to want even more features, VAIS offers the MediaLinQ Plus, which provides all the features of SoundLinQ2 plus 480p digital video output, digital audio processing, video out for vehicles equipped with rear-entertainment systems and much more.

To help choose between the various VAIS Technology products, I recommend checking out their full comparison chart to find the product right for you.

Disclaimer: VAIS Technology is a longtime site sponsor.

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  • December 19, 2010
To bad VAIS only makes these for Toyota/Lexus. These are some of the best systems I have ever seen. A little pricey, but well worth it in IMHO.