Lexus CT 200h Configurator (Plus Full Accessory List)

Lexus CT 200h

Lexus has launched an online CT 200h configurator, making it possible to start putting together your ideal package for the upcoming hybrid hatchback, which is scheduled to be released March 1st, 2011.

As mentioned yesterday, the CT 200h starts at $29,120 ($29,995 with delivery charges), but through adding options like the $3,545 Navigation/Premium Audio package and the $1,330 Leather package, pricing can jump quickly to the mid-$30k mark.

Also listed on the configurator site are a number of accessories, here’s the full launch list with pricing:

  • Paint Protection Film: $429
  • Remote Engine Start: $375
  • Glass Breakage Sensor: $299
  • Illuminated Door Sills: $299
  • Premium Carpet Floor Mats: $265
  • Lower Door Molding: $240
  • Accessory Dash Panel – Wood: $199
  • Accessory Dash Panel – Bamboo: $199
  • Accessory Dash Panel – Striated Graphite Metallic: $199
  • Car Cover: $199
  • Cargo Liner: $150
  • Rear Bumper Protector (Metallic Finish): $145
  • Cargo Tray: $90
  • Carpet Cargo Mats: $79
  • Rear Bumper Applique: $76
  • Cargo Net – Vertical (Integrated Pockets): $75
  • Wheel Locks: $73
  • Cargo Net – Spider: $49

For my own personal configuration, I went with Starfire Pearl & the Black Nu-Luxe interior, after deciding that the $1,215 LED headlights were worth more to me than the Leather package. My total price with the Navigation & Premium Audio package? $36,535. As for the maximum configuration, with every option and accessory? $44,257.

[Source: Darker Side of Green]


  1. I guess I'm not Lexus' target customer :P
  2. Additional upgrades: backup camera in rear view mirror. BWAHAHAAHA!! I've seen someone mention something like that as a joke before. Still, love this car.
  3. All the options I like US$41,336, plus add on another 16% premium for Canada and it becomes C$47950. 2011 IS250 AWD (fully equipped): C$49400 2011 Audi A3 TDI Premium (fully equipped): C$43800
  4. I've heard that the passenger's seat isn't power adjustable and that it's not even available as an option. Does anyone know if that's true?
  5. @James: it is true. not available at all. i was at the lexus training center this past week and they had a red ct200h
  6. i really have to say that i did like the car a lot. very fun little sporty ride. trunk is a little small in comparison to other hatches, but its a nice neat little package. if anyone wants more pics let me know
  7. @James: ...seriously? No passenger power seat? Unimpressed. This is supposed to be a Lexus :|
  8. @Tony D: an entry-level lexus. I have a feeling theyre testing the waters with this one. if it sells, i bet they'll introduce more features. as of now the only wheels available from the factory are the ones you see on the car. thats why i always wait a year or two before buying a new model
  9. @Pete: Actually, you can get the F Sport wheels for $1300.
  10. For a brief second, I thought the lift was someone trapped under the CT. :-D
  11. @Douglas: not installed from the factory
  12. Pete wrote:@Douglas: not installed from the factory
    I was surprised to see the Canadian CT has 16" wheels available:
  13. no f-sport parts?