Matte Black Lexus ES 350 Surprise

The final vinyl wrap of the week also comes with a pretty funny story — but first, check out this matte black Lexus ES 350:

Matte Black Lexus ES 350 Front
Matte Black Lexus ES 350 Side
Matte Black Lexus ES 350 Rear

As it turns out, Club Lexus member Somebody had his wife’s car vinyl wrapped as a surprise:

Material used: one roll of 3M 1080-12M matte black purchased.

(the material was recommended by demo wrappers at the last SEMA in Las Vegas, they say this is the newest and smoother 3M material with smaller micro air release pockets than previous ones)

Labor cost: $900 (low price by someone who does this on the side besides his daily wrapping job, while official quotes run ~$2K)

Labor time: ~30 hours (3 days)

Potential issues: parking sensors seem degraded and raise false alarms. Possibly the vinyl will need to be sliced or cut out in those areas.

Results: looks very detailed and professional, awesome look for guys, awful for girls. Actually this was a surprise gift for my wife (it’s her car) but both her and our two girl kids are already begging me to remove it from their car. They didn’t like their previous light blue but seem to hate the matte black. I can’t comprehend why anyone wouldn’t love this look, they can’t comprehend what guys see in it. Go figure…

Absolutely priceless — I have to nominate this for the Most Hilarious Lexus Story of the Year award.

[Source: Club Lexus (Thanks Konrad!)]