Lexus Dealership Tips

Lexus Dealership Tips

Lexus Magazine has some tips on getting the most out of your local dealership — here’s just a couple of the suggestions:

Tip 3: Many dealers make sales calls.

Here’s a surprise. The previous tip about not having to come into the dealership also applies to sales. When looking for your next Lexus, you can request remote test drives, and even make your purchase and delivery completely off-site. It’s a perfect choice for customers for whom time is a precious commodity. “We work a lot of deals where the guests never have to come to the dealership,” says McCarty. “I have an owner here who’s had her car since 1998, and she’s never seen the dealership. She’s very busy, loves her LX, and loves Longo Lexus. But she’s never even seen it!”

Tip 4: Feel free to instruct your dealer.

One thing that virtually eliminates any misunderstanding on the Lexus dealer’s part is to hand over a written list of what’s wrong, and what you want done, instead of just a verbal summary, says Caren Myers, general manager of Fresno Lexus. Lexus dealers obviously won’t see this as any type of nuisance, and will take the time to go through any written instructions carefully. “It really helps to be clear, and communicate what your expectations are—because we intend to exceed them,” says Myers.

The full list is well worth reading, and a good reminder of some of the more convenient options available.

[Source: Lexus Magazine]