World’s Largest Lexus Showroom Opens in Kuwait

Lexus Kuwait Dealership

This past weekend, the world’s largest Lexus showroom opened in Kuwait — The Arab Times reports from the grand opening ceremony:

The new Lexus showroom is built on a 3,000 square meters (32,291 square feet), and offers 7-star service to Lexus customers.

In the words of the chairman, “It is a true milestone in the luxury car showroom industry in Kuwait featuring ultimate luxury design as a unique feat in architecture which fits with the well established remarkable image of Lexus brand and as part of Lexus relentless pursuit of perfection.”

The total area of the project is — basement 11,000 square meters, Certified Car Showroom 1,900 square meters, a unique capacity to display; parking area, 1,500 square meters, ground floor 11,000 square meters and the New Car Showroom 3,000 square meters.

The Banana Q8 weblog was also in attendance, and have posted photos of the new showroom:

Lexus Kuwait Dealership Showroom 2
Lexus Kuwait Showroom Interior 1

From the photos, it’s hard to get an idea of the size of this dealership, so I’ve included some videos after the jump that do a much better job, including footage of “car elevator” that has to be seen to be believed.

[Source: The Kuwait Times & Banana Q8]