Forza 3 Lexus LFA Giveaway

Not to be outdone by the recent Gran Turismo screenshots of the Lexus LFA, here are some exceptional “photos” from the Forza 3 version of the supercar from Flickr user WeezyMac:

Lexus LFA in Forza 3 Rear

Lexus LFA in Forza 3 Gauge

Lexus LFA in Forza 3 Rear Light

Lexus LFA in Forza 3 Dark

Pure fantastic, the realism is just unbelievable — be sure to check out the other screenshots in WeezyMac Flickrstream.


Speaking of the Stig’s Garage Car Pack for Forza 3, I have one free Xbox LIVE token to give away — all you have to do to win is:

  • Take a picture of this website and the Forza 3 game case together,
  • Upload the pic to Flickr, Imageshack or anywhere else,
  • Post a link to the photo in the comments.

First person wins. Update: The super-fast Tony D has won the prize for his photo.

(Thanks Allison!)


  2. Dammit...not quick enough. :(
  3. I happened to be on Facebook at the time posting about my newly-purchased Xbox 360 Kinect (it just came out in Australia) when I saw the post about it. Thanks heaps! I thought I'd never get to play it in Forza 3, and that I'd have to get GT5 to drive the LFA (and so would need to buy another steering wheel...). I've just taken it through a couple of hot laps with the controller, it's so easy and effortless to drive with no assists on (at least for a RWD car!). And sounds amazing! Hit 209mph/336kph going down the straight on the old LeMans course, I wonder what it can do once I buy & tune it...! Can't wait to set up my steering wheel and take it for a real drive later tonight... Thanks again!
  4. Thanks ! My photos on a website ? Yeah ! That's good ! ^^
  5. Tony D wrote:
    I like the cover art your region has for Forza 3. Once they end up selling the car pack separately on Marketplace I might end up buying it.
    • Hi there, Appreciate the effort, but this contest was from last November. (Closing the thread to avoid a repeat.)