Forza 3 Lexus LFA Giveaway

Not to be outdone by the recent Gran Turismo screenshots of the Lexus LFA, here are some exceptional “photos” from the Forza 3 version of the supercar from Flickr user WeezyMac:

Lexus LFA in Forza 3 Rear
Lexus LFA in Forza 3 Gauge
Lexus LFA in Forza 3 Rear Light
Lexus LFA in Forza 3 Dark

Pure fantastic, the realism is just unbelievable — be sure to check out the other screenshots in WeezyMac Flickrstream.


Speaking of the Stig’s Garage Car Pack for Forza 3, I have one free Xbox LIVE token to give away — all you have to do to win is:

  • Take a picture of this website and the Forza 3 game case together,
  • Upload the pic to Flickr, Imageshack or anywhere else,
  • Post a link to the photo in the comments.

First person wins. Update: The super-fast Tony D has won the prize for his photo.

(Thanks Allison!)