NYC Lexus CT 200h Event Update

The Lexus CT 200h World Tour has stopped in New York City, and here’s a little promo for the event:

Set up at High Line Park, today’s is the final day to test-drive the Lexus CT prototypes — here’s some initial impressions from a couple attendees:

I drove the road course yesterday and it’s just the right length to get a real sense of the car (more on that later) — I’ll also be there today, hope to see you there!

Update: Here’s the final video from the NYC event:


  1. The second video "here’s some initial impressions from a couple attendees" won't play because "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request."
  2. Why post a video no one can watch?
  3. What? You were able to get a mini ride around NY in the CT?
  4. I doubt they will,but I do wish Lexus would make a non-hybrid version with a manual gearbox for those of us who want more driver involvement.
  5. Hi everybody -- sorry about the second video, it was working this morning. The video has be reposted on Youtube, and I've updated the post. It should work now. 8-)
  6. @krew: OMG you must be joking Lexus ..... !! :-(
  7. @seal: Whoa Well, the cloth isn't terrible. It's actually rather nice until it gets dirty. The cupholders are just nasty, though.
  8. I really like the blue interior.I've often felt Lexus has been a bit to cautious and conservative regarding exterior and interior colours. This is brave,bold and I dig it! :-D
  9. I was there last night....unfortunately at 9pm, they just allowed me to take a ride in the passenger seat... I thought it was great non the less....I love everything about the car.... cant wait till we get it in the showroom!!!!!!!! -Marc (Tsoprano)
  10. sorry (again) for the "froup" > "group" mistake lol 8-)
  11. you would of thought that with a nice budget the videographer could have at least used a tripod.... I'm still not feeling this car :-(
  12. Ver.L F-Sports Ver.C Standard Grade Rear wiper ● ● ● △ LED headlamp ● ● △ - Front fog ● ● ● △ 15-inch wheels ● 16-inch Aluminum ● 17-inch Aluminum ● ● Special 17-inch Aluminum OP OP ? ? Aero ? OP ? ?
  13. 3.8 lt/100km 96 gr co2
  14. Starting price : 25.500 EU
  16. anyone to "listen" CT200h on the road??
  17. official US press release: ESTIMATED 42 MPG !!!!8-)8-)8-)8-)8-)
  18. I do love this car! But if it´s going to get great sales numbers in EU i think Lexus must put in a better engine. Why not the Is 2,5l v6 or make a new 2l turbo engine. And make a good looking 3d GTI challenger! :-P
  19. Personally,I'd love to see it with a Yamaha-tuned ZR-engine with around 200hp and a six-speed manual gearbox. ZR-engine on Wikipedia
  20. 0 - 60 in 9.8 secs just puts me off. Used to be interested but not now! Not enough power for me, sorry Lexus.:-)
  21. Price .. all i care for now.. they have to keep it as low as possible! Let's wait 2 more weeks for the official announcement
  22. @Flemso: its not even suppose to be any sportcar, that figure in quite in line with competition, a3 tdi in us, and ct mowes over that audi in mpg-wise