Behind-the-Scenes Look at New Lexus IS Commercial

The latest IS commercial from Lexus USA required a stunt car driver, a mathematician, a composer, and a whole lot of precision — check out the full story in this behind-the-scenes video:

It was clear from the actual commercial that the IS was actually playing the drums, but it’s always amazing to see just how complicated a process it turns out to be. Excellent work by everyone involved.

Something else I took from the video: Not only has the IS F-Sport been tuned by the engineers responsible for the LFA, it’s also borrowing a little shine from the supercar’s “halo”. This IS commercial and the earlier wine-glass shattering LFA commercial share a lot of the same characteristics, right down to the way they were made.

I read this similarity as the first step in building the connection between the Lexus LFA and the rest of the lineup, especially the sport-oriented models. This developing relationship is going to get plenty of focus over the next while, and it’s going to be extremely interesting to watch it unfold.


  1. Nothing repeated when the rear wheels went over them. lol just saying
  2. JVX

    Very impressive. Lots of precision, detailed work, and timing involved.
  3. RDS

    @WorldofLuxury : You sure it's nothing happens ? Because it's sound like sound double when the car pass over in straight .
  4. great hard fabulous work
  5. @RDS: I've never gotten familiar with percussion, but um... the "ting" that ended the first part and the last beat at the end were single. But of course, that would've been possible when the vehicle turned, and the rear tires didn't run over the pedal-sensor-thingy.