Lexus Name Badge Removed on 2011 USA Models

The sharp eyes over at Club Lexus have spotted a badge change on 2011 Lexus models sold in the USA:

2011 Lexus IS F in USA

After spending twenty years on the trunk lid of every Lexus made, the LEXUS name badge has been removed, leaving the Oval-L as the sole brand identifier — here are some other 2011 examples:

2011 Lexus GS 350
2011 Lexus LX 570

Considering that Lexus has been the top-selling luxury car brand in the USA for a full decade, it’s safe to say the Oval-L logo has reached the level of recognition necessary to omit the brand name. It’s a subtle change, to be sure, but it also stands as an notable step in the evolution of the brand in the United States.

So far, this looks to be a change only in the USA (and possibly Canada) — as proof, here’s a 2011 IS F photo from the UK with the LEXUS name badge still visible:

2011 Lexus IS F in UK

Which do you prefer — badge on or off?

[Source: Club Lexus]