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2011 Lexus RX 270 Available in Japan

Lexus has launched the RX 270 in Japan this week, which will be powered by the 1AR-FE 2.7L engine and putting out 187hp with torque of 252Nm.

The RX 270 was also announced for Russia, and it’s expected (for some time) that the low-displacement version of Lexus’ most popular vehicle will also be available in China at some point.

[Source: Automotive World]

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Why not just use a 2JZ-E? 3.0 litres and plenty of oomph.
Oh wow, what a car!! From the snap it's look cool and amazing. I like the colour of this car. I hope this car is built in the exact same way as all other RX vehicles. Dang… but Lexus must have had to work out a way to balance the four-cylinder engine and have it run like a Lexus engine without performance compromises. This car launched in japan only what about other countries?? Plz keep upadte. . Thanks for the post... certified life coach
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  • August 27, 2010
great thinking hope the next Generation LS will appear with LS560 LS500 LS460 LS400 LS350 LS600h LS450h LS440d and the GS with GS-F GS500 GS460 GS400 GS350 GS300 GS250 GS600h GS450h GS330d and the IS with IS-F IS460 IS400 IS350 IS300 IS250 IS450h IS350h IS220d IS200d
  • D
  • August 27, 2010
@free spirit - may lexus choose the best! ;-)
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  • August 27, 2010
@LFAaddict: You're missing a letter from that engine code. 2JZ-GE. And Toyota did away with the engine because of cost and emission related issues. And it won't fit in a Camry based vehicle.
@emptystreets130: I just realized that as i posted it. Well, that's too bad. would have been a good fit.
  • J
  • August 27, 2010
Any news on when the 2011s might hit N. American?
  • T
  • August 29, 2010
I dont like this new front very much.. to edgy and not very elegant. The current bumper is much more smooth.
  • J
  • September 18, 2010
2011 RX is now up on Lexus USA's website. Anyone know what the differences are vs 2010? Looks pretty much unchanged except for new exterior color options and the removal of the "Lexus" badge on the rear.
  • W
  • September 18, 2010
@Jay: Looks like they've also added some better pictures.