Lexus Advisory Board

Lexus Advisory Board

This spring, Lexus USA started an online invite-only initiative called the Lexus Advisory Board, which will be used to survey existing customers about the brand. With a current membership of 20,000 owners, this group will be polled regularly on marketing and even product planning — here’s some details from The Automotive News:

Lexus is still getting the feel for the research tool. So far one questionnaire focused on owners’ interaction with social media and another involved their relationships with technology.

Upcoming surveys will affect product plans, says Deborah Senior, Lexus corporate manager of marketing strategy and communications.

In building its survey base, Lexus wanted a broad range of demographics, psychographics and vehicle ownership. New members will be added as new vehicles are launched, Senior says.

As a customer-focused company, this is a smart move by Lexus, as it allows them to “beta-test” ideas to a significant and varied audience — though hopefully we’ll continue to see open surveys similar to what Lexus did earlier in the year with the CT 200h/LF-Ch interest survey.

(I know one thing for sure — this is just the beginning of this type of company interaction, and it’s going to be very interesting to watch how this customer-feedback-loop evolves over time.)

[Source: Automotive News]