Black Lexus CT 200h Photos!

Club Lexus’ Flipside909 was at Lexus HQ in Torrance, California and spotted two CT 200hs in the parking lot — one was Matador Red and gone like a flash, and the other was this one in Obsidian:

Black Lexus CT 200h Front

Black Lexus CT 200h Side

Black Lexus CT 200h Rear

This CT shows some new details like the (likely) standard projector front lights and exposed rear wiper — too bad the rear wiper wasn’t integrated into the roof spoiler like the current RX, but it’s been made just about as tiny as possible and hardly noticeable.

There’s plenty more photos of this CT 200h over at Club Lexus, and be sure to check out the full gallery.

[Source: Club Lexus] (Thanks Ryan!)


  1. Very nice. It's so fat and bulky that wiper... It's Flipside909 again! He's that IS F revving dude. Uh oh... where's Seal? :-P
  2. D*** my freakin' lust for chrome. I want a streak of chrome running from taillight to taillight, just above the rear license plate. I want a bar of chrome at the bottom of the hatch lid, or whatever you call it. I want a strip of chrome just above the rear diffusers. I want a more LF-Ch like chrome frame around the side windows. I want chrome door handles. I want chrome on the bottom part of the doors like on the LF-Ch. I want chrome around the foglights. I want chrome on top of the front lip spoiler! hehe They should make a purely aesthetic package with those details! Oh, and again, that wiper... This seems to be the base model. It's weird how it has all these parking sensors and possibly an adaptive radar cruise control, but it doesn't have a Nav and leather seats. Hopefully, even in specific markets, the cloth will be more like suede or alcantara rather than a taxi cap's.
  3. RDS

    @WorldofLuxury: I still like White more than other color , haha . Besides that , I wonder if that tiny small window is useful (the one behind the C-pillar) ?
  4. @RDS: It helps as much as the tiny window by the side-view mirrors on the HS and RX. Useful but ultimately annoyingly small. It would definitely be better if they saved all the metal around that area and glued on a couple sturdy carbon fiber pillars for the rear. Make the glass of the hatch lid lift up and the bottom half drop down. All that would definitely provide more usable window space and a much larger rear hatch access. Also, the customers would save some money on the lesser amount of metal used and the lesser likelihood of having to replace the rear hatch lid struts. Lexus would then save themselves some money with their investment in the LFA A-pillar loom.
  5. Black is definitely the CT's color.
  6. What exactly do they plan to wipe with that chubby little wiper?
  7. RDS

    @WorldofLuxury: Similar window had being used in Toyota's car that appear 12 years ago , Toyota Ipsum . Also , the rear wiper is quite tiny , I wonder how many inch that wiper is ...
  8. @RDS: It's not just that. That CTh video with a few words from the designers... I guess they were simply saying stuff that made sense and mattered to the average person, but I hated how he was boasting about basic stuff. This vehicle is full of cost cutting. Even the luxuries it has... they're simply parts bin stuff.
  9. Jay

    @WorldofLuxury: All those chrome bits are probably reserved for the face-lifted models approximately 3 years after the CT's initial launch. Kind of like the face lift of the current ES compared to the 09 model.
  10. @Jay: aha You're probably right. Does it sound like cost cutting or is it more like... the designers are running out of ideas?
  11. @WorldofLuxury: Of course it's cost cutting, thats what they've had to do in order to keep the cost of the vehicle low. Keep in mind, this is a sub-$30k hatchback. :-) And the fact this is a hybrid also makes it more expensive to manufacter from the begining.
  12. @WorldofLuxury: @WORDOFlUXURY watch this ... CT200H in SMOKY GRANITE MICA
  13. Download the LEXUS CT200h - Retailer Viewer :
  14. CT200H SMOKY GRANITE MICA interior
  15. New video!/video/video.php?v=132891113420602&oid=141740075843405
  16. @seal: wow seal i 'll call you CT-Man from that day Great shot
  17. Why do Lexus designers not understand simple car enthusiast style. There should be little to no gap above the wheel to the arch, particularly in the front, this is simple asthetics. You don't see BMW doing that. Spoiles a potentially nice design. And with each new model the gap seems to get bigger.
  18. @lexomious: Same thing I noticed.... Lexus wheel gaps are huge and idk why.. this car would look so niceeeee low Thats one thing I notice about BMW cars.. wheel gap isn't a issue with BMW...
  19. @Travis: Recent Lexus vehicles do have this weird quality that makes them look like they're floating on doughnut wheels.
  20. From what I see on the new CTh configurator, those headlights are probably for the base model - they're non-LED. I wonder how much of a difference the effect is.