Lexus USA Revises LFA Purchase Options

Lexus LFA Cockpit

Lexus USA has revised their LFA purchasing options, and will now offer outright purchase of the $375,000 supercar rather than the mandatory two-year lease that was initially required.

This new purchase option does come with one condition, however — the Lexus dealership where the LFA was purchased will retain the first right of refusal to buy back the supercar if the owner wants to sell it within the first two years, and the price will be set at either fair market value or the original price, whichever is lower. The reasoning behind this restriction is simple: prevent speculators from purchasing the LFA only to turn around and sell it for a profit — a common occurrence when it comes to exotic supercars.

This information comes by way of an anonymous LFA agreement sent to Autoblog, here’s the full document for the curious:

[Source: Autoblog]