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Lexus Golden Opportunity Commercial

Lexus USA is in the middle of their giant Golden Opportunity summer sales event right now, and have put out this colorful ES commercial:

Cracks me up the way the ES doors open & close to the beat — seems so out of character.

Update: Here’s another commercial from this campaign — this time it’s the IS:

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  • August 4, 2010
aha The door opening is definitely very interesting. I like the commercial; I've always loved my Lexus vehicles to be the center piece at a gathering. My wedding is gonna be more than showing off great cars to and form the wedding chapel but during the whole ceremony and the banquet/dinner as well. hmmm... if I can find a great location, I wonder if Lexus would be willing to sponsor me :-P
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  • August 5, 2010
The ES looks very nice and simple.
Just saw another one of these commercials with an RX -- waiting for it to show up online so that I can post it. :-)
The ES is the only Lexus of which to me has never had a pretty front end. The back is great, as the whole shape, but the thinning front is just too...I don't know. Odd.