RHD Lexus LFA Spotted

Here’s something new — a right-hand-drive edition of the Lexus LFA showed up at a Japanese event last week to perform some donuts:

It’s getting difficult to keep track of all the LFAs out there, time for a list:

  • White LFA from Tokyo Auto Show introduction now in Europe
  • Matte Black (now white) LFA from launch
  • Red LFA spotted in Japan & Europe
  • Blue LFA seen in Japan
  • Glossy Black LFA testing in Japan currently
  • White RHD LFA in this video

Funny that before we know it, keeping track of all the LFAs will be basically impossible once the supercar goes into production — might be a fun little project to try though!

Update: Fixed a silly late-night mistake — this Japanese LFA is right-hand drive.