TLE Featured in Lexus Magazine

Lexus Magazine Features The Lexus Enthusiast

Here’s something different — Lexus Magazine has published a feature on this very website:

[The Lexus Enthusiast]’s key service is to continually aggregate the sea of information out there about Lexus models—your model, or the model you’d like to make your own. By his own admission, site editor Kevin R.E. Watts sifts through a thousand links a day—documents, images, videos—that he finds via searches, those aforementioned forums, and, increasingly, the passionate community that has built up around his site.

“There’s a lot of technical information out there, and it can be overwhelming to people,” says Watts. “So it’s really a matter of identifying and focusing on key points. I never try to overwhelm; it’s about bite-sized bits of information, and then directing the reader to more, if they’re interested.”

It feels strange linking to an article featuring my quotes, but it gives an insight into how & why I run this site. There’s some big news coming up as well, which I can not wait to share — exciting times ahead.

[Source: Lexus Magazine] (Special thanks to Clark Heideger & Brian Gill!)