Lexus CT 200h U.S. Driving Events

Lexus CT 200h

Update: These tour dates have been moved, here are the new dates.

Last week, Lexus announced that Los Angeles residents would get be getting a chance to drive the CT 200h prototype — and now it’s been confirmed that this event will be making its way to three other cities around the country. Here are the dates:

July 29–31: Los Angeles
August 1: Los Angeles nighttime event

August 6–8: Miami
August 9: Miami nighttime event

August 12–14: New York City
August 15: New York City nighttime event

August 18–20: Chicago
August 21: Chicago nighttime event

Specifics have yet to be announced, but all further details will be posted to the Lexus Facebook page.

[Via: Lexus Magazine]