Lexus LX 570 ASI Invader Video

A couple months ago, we saw our first glimpse of a super-modified version of the Lexus LX 570, the ASI Invader, and now we have video of the extreme SUV (Warning: turn down your volume, extreme wind noise):

It still looks absolutely insane, but the black exterior mutes it somewhat as compared to the earlier white.

Outside of the body-part makeover, the ASI Invader boosted the LX 570 with a supercharger that brings total power up to 600hp, giving the SUV a 0-60mph in less than 5 seconds (the stock LX 570 need 7.4 seconds) — here’s a video that shows that engine in action:



  1. AWESOME! Some parts are a bit cheap, but I love how the video was taken by a guy in the new Prius :P POOOWWWWEEEERRRRR!!!!!
  2. RDS

    This "car" will punch IS-F's face very hard !
  3. Now why cant they do that to an is-f?
  4. Sweet lord that is fast.
  5. This is dumb imo. You want fast? Get a motorcycle or a car if you need a cage. "Under five seconds" really isn't much to brag about in the world of speed.
  6. @WorldofLuxury: I'm an American, and I don't understand the point of modding an offroad vehicle for speed when it can only get to 0-60 in "under five seconds." In the wider scope of things this is not impressive, it's just dumb. This is like taking a duck and training it for cockfighting.
  7. @Lexusluver: aw man. You don't like big stuff with big power? aha Besides, it just looks cool! It's one of those things that makes you feel like a child and puts a big smile on your face. Also, going fast in a big car just isn't the same as speeding in a little sportscar. What do you think of the Cayenne Turbo and the X6 and X5 M?
  8. @WorldofLuxury: i know youre not talking to me, but i think the x5M and X6M area total waste of in straight line, but cant handle..its an SUV people! someone open up some reasonable tuning options for an is-f and ill be impressed
  9. @Pete: aha Well, I'm just a big fan of a big SUV with lots of luxuries and lots of power from a large displacement engine with many cylinders to haul everything around. I'd love to smoke a guy in a little turbocharged coupe - I'm all about naturally-aspirated, raw horsepower and torque.