Lexus Facebook Fan Takes a Ride in the LFA

Lexus Europe brought one of their Facebook fans along for a ride as racing driver Takayuki Kinoshita took an LFA up the hillclimb at last weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed — here’s the footage of winner Olivia’s experience:

You have to give Olivia credit for keeping it together — gotta love the smiles on both of their faces as the ride gets more intense.


  1. to be Olivia... or the test driver... or the car? which one is that best? :-P
  2. Fuel Consumption : 3.9lt / 100km
  3. RDS

    @WorldofLuxury: I just wanna be the one who own the LFA . haha @seal: 3.9L/100km is quite good for this kind of Hybrid car !
  4. @seal: This looks like the upscale model with real leather (assumption made by contrasting stitching) and the tiny bit of bamboo-like accent. Why aren't their any air vents for the rear passengers? Is the lighter tone of the rear, door armrests not leather?! And thanks to the cupholders... boy there are a LOT of plastic!
  5. nom nom nom. that car is FAR too delicious! I'm just a wee bit jealous as I'd love to go for a ride in one... but my motorbike is better! 8-)
  6. I would love to have an LFA. All its missing is 4-point seat belt ;-)
  7. @WorldofLuxury: They want to keep the cost lower than 30k ;) That's why ;) 80% of the car mechanical parts are THE SAME Toyota Auris HSD uses ... Rear wiper position is not hidden after all :/
  8. @seal: I know... I know... :`-(
  9. 4tD

    @seal: It strikes me as odd that a luxury automaker like Lexus would trade off luxury and refinement, for price. The general public isn't supposed to be able to afford these things, giving the people who can afford them a feeling of exclusivity. I know I'm being very selfish and bit cynical, but it's completely true -- otherwise there wouldn't be a need for the Lexus brand. Toyota should have marketed this as a Toyota as opposed to a Lexus. Just look at that pathetic center console. I wouldn't even put that on a Toyota. Those cupholders look so cheap that they're, in a way, offensive to the Lexus brand -- vulgar, almost. But, as much as this upsets us Lexus 'purists'(as does the new Jaguar XJ to Jag purists), it's a smart move on the part of Toyota to attract new customers.
  10. @4tD: Don't worry . Luxurious choices will be available .. they just want to keep the STARTING price as low as possible .. The reason is Audi A3 Sportsback and BMW-1 . You can buy A3 even in 1200cc ... That is sad ;) I do worry for some aesthetical reasons like wiper position though :/
  11. @seal: Yeah that wiper is ugly and utterly useless. I don't think it would cost that much in designing, producing, and maintaining a wiper that is hinged on top as in the RX and GX and forms an L shape during operation.