Lexus LFAs at 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Lexus LFA made an appearance at the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed in England this weekend, were it took part in the event’s famous hillclimb (driven by James Baggott from Car Dealer Magazine):

The #50 LFA from the Nürburgring 24h race was also there, and both sported black armbands in honor of deceased test driver Hiromu Naruse:

Lexus LFA with Black Armband

A very touching tribute to the “Godfather of the LFA.”

Update: James Baggott wrote more about his experience of driving the LFA up the hill for Autoblog.


  1. To own one...
  2. hey krew....check this out!
  3. @seal: You were there?! Anyways, I think it'd be interesting to see an LS with much more details than those on the CTh. Of course, a GS is the perfect model to display the best Lexus designs.
  4. @seal: I like the contrasting stitching. I know this might bring up production cost, but the LS should have a details in the interior, even for the power plug and USB/AUX housing like... - chrome struts - aluminum cover - words that light up if they don't already