Lexus LX 450 Commercial

Time for a blast from the past with this ’96 Lexus LX 450 commercial:

The commercial’s slogan: “It’s everything a Lexus is, and everything a Lexus isn’t” is similar in message to the way the IS-F was introduced (“F is everything you thought we weren’t”), and for good reason. Both models expanded the Lexus brand in unexpected ways, though admittedly in exact opposite directions.

(Although it was very much a rebadged version of the Toyota Land Cruiser, this SUV is a personal favorite. I can still remember seeing the LX for the first time, right down to the black & grey exterior.)


  1. Would love to have a blast from the past and see the 2004 launch commercial for the RX330. I have searched and searched for this clip.... can't seem to find it.
  2. Lexus should have an LX model that slots above the LSh.
  3. @WorldofLuxury: I actually think that an LX hybrid would be a good idea. Make it similar to the LS Hybrid. In other words, don't just make it 'greener', but make it more luxurious and technologically advanced.
  4. @James: I want Lexus to lighten the vehicle dramatically, up the power and luxuries, and manage to save some fuel. Easy way to start would be to start using better materials for the exterior, interior, and the internals.
  5. @James: To this day, I'm surprised there hasn't been a LX 600h -- has to be said though, it would be an expensive vehicle.
  6. @krew: I'd feel sad for the burning electric engines and batteries and the stressed transmission.
  7. krew wrote:@James: To this day, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a LX 600h — has to be said though, it would be an expensive vehicle.
    Well, so is the LS600hL. That didn't stop Lexus from building it though. I honestly don't see anything wrong with building a $100k+ LX. I mean, if Cadillac an sell an Escalade Hybrid for $80k surely Lexus could sell an LX Hybrid for just $20k more. Especially considering the fact it would be a better vehicle. @WorldofLuxury: I do agree, the LX would have to shed some weight. It's already heavy, imagine adding 600 lbs on top of it.