Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition Photos

After scoping out the same rendered versions of the Lexus LFA Nürburgring edition for a while now, there’s finally some real photos of the track-optimized version of the supercar courtesy of Autoblog (click for larger versions):

Yellow Lexus LFA Nürburgring Version Front

Yellow Lexus LFA Nürburgring Version Side

Yellow Lexus LFA Nürburgring Version Rear

Conveniently, Lexus has highlighted all the Nürburgring edition’s aero-parts in black, making it easy to see the larger front spoiler, fin-type side spoilers and a fixed rear wing. The $70,000 USD option package also includes a 10hp power bump, a sportier suspension and an assortment of other tweaks.

As far as the Pearl Yellow exterior goes — this is the type of color that’s made for a supercar, and the LFA certainly plays the part, looking like nothing else on this earth. Super-crazy.

(Autoblog has a few more photos to gawk over.)

[Source: Autoblog] (Thanks chotabacha!)


  1. Awesome combo! Looks mean! Kinda reminds me of Pikachu lol But the second picture above is beautiful!
  2. RDS

    Lexus Pikachu ? haha Only 500 LFA and 50 of them is Nur , right ?
  3. Awesomeness! I'm wondering if the paint is for protective reasons? And the roof hood and rear being painted black, i wonder if they are different pieces? Maybe a different (lighter) type of carbon?
  4. SEXY. I love the LFA's roof line...looks so low. Imagine this whole car black and glossy ? D A M N ..
  5. rjr

    Today this car was involed in a crash on a public road near Nuerburgring, killing the Toyota test driver and badly injuring three others. Images of the crash site:
  6. now we are down to 49 Nuerburgring Editions. In all seriousness, I feel Horrible for the Toyota test driver and his family and hope the other victims recover. That Pearl Yellow looks HOT. I'm working on a LF-A order, (unfortunately NOT for myself) and we were picking the Pearl Yellow leather and headliner with yellow calipers and the graphite polished wheels. There are SO many color combinations its almost confusing, and they ALL look great too! Not bad for $12,500 a month
  7. Shit man.. you shouldn't test cars on public roads!