The 2011 Lexus IS

Earlier this month, we saw some leaked photos of the possible 2011 Lexus IS, and now Japanese weblog レクサスとの道 has published proof (click images for larger images):

2011 Lexus IS

2011 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport

2011 Lexus IS 250

For the most part, the changes are minor — LED daytime running lights, revised bumpers, some small interior updates — however, let’s take a closer look at this IS F-Sport:

2011 Lexus IS 350 F-Sport

With the grille, front seats, & steering wheel taken from the IS-F, this IS F-Sport package is very similar to the one currently available in the UK & Canada, but for one major difference: according to レクサスとの道, the suspension has been tuned by the LFA development team.

Depending on whether this suspension will be any different from the current F-Sport offerings, this is a brilliant move on the part of Lexus and would certainly give provide a unique selling point. Even more than that, it also illustrates how the LFA development program will benefit the F-Sport marque. Very excited to get more details.

Update: I’ve replaced the images with higher resolution versions.

[Source: レクサスとの道]


  1. The more the better :D
  2. I don't see much difference between an IS and IS F steering wheel besides the stitching and stuff; am I missing some technicalities?
  3. CLF

    just a mid-life facelift?
  4. i wait a lot but now i may say lexus drive in the right path
  5. I'm liking the rims on the F sport!!
  6. If this comes to the US, like the revised lights, I would highly consider getting one of these! Otherwise I was gonna wait until the third-generation IS.
  7. Joshd wrote:I’m liking the rims on the F sport!!
    Agreed -- killer wheels.
  8. RDS

    Wow & wow & wow ! This one is better than current one and previous one !
  9. t

    Nice! I'm impatiently curios of the forthcoming 3d generation IS, though.
  10. The new lights are sweet. I don't think I like the new bumper though. They should have gone in the direction of the CT bumper which I really like.
  11. @seal: Very nice, and I like the IS update too, but in the end, I WANT THIS!
  12. The Lexus IS is one of the best looking sedans ever made. Period. Wheres the pic of the 2010 ISF ?
  13. HAMMUNAH HAMMUNAh...there's something else besides the LED's on the headlamps that's just striking...
  14. there's only a 250F and 350 according to this? Or is there still a 250 but they just didn't place it because there's already a 350? They usually write "IS250/350" on the brochure but the 250 seems to have disappeared...will my dreams of a turbo IS250F come true? :-D
  15. LFAaddict.. looks like there's both 250F and 350F according to the other page of the brochure that's not shown here.
  16. They need to offer the 350 in a stick..
  17. Arrrr..... They finally did it.... please stop bringing out these cheezy useless LED strip in the bottom of the headlamp. They do nothing only for looks. And it's such an Audi thing in which I hate. Bring out the LED headlamp options like in the RX450h or LS600h instead please. Otherwise the new facelift is very nice and the new interior colours are pretty wild too.