New Lexus CT 200h Photos

Lexus CT 200h

Here’s a bunch of new Lexus CT 200h photos showing the new hatchback in a more natural setting:

The more I look at the CT, the more impressed I get. Sure, there was plenty of L-Finesse design cues that could be drawn from, and there’s certainly some elements of the RX & the IS, but this is an entirely unique vehicle that has its own personality.

These photos also had me thinking of a possible coupe & sedan version of the CT, which led to this super-deformed ten-minute attempt:

Lexus CT 200h Sedan
Lexus CT 200h Coupe

Turning the CT (Compact Touring) into a CC (Compact Coupe) and a CS (Compact Sedan) would let Lexus compete with both the Audi A3 and BMW 1-Series, and more importantly, would provide another model to help expand the brand’s position in the European market. Certainly makes sense to me.

[Source: Motorbox]