Car Magazine: Lexus LFA vs. Mercedes SLS

Lexus LFA vs. Mercedes SLS

Car Magazine has a supercar comparison we’ve all been waiting for as they pit the Lexus LFA against the Mercedes SLS — some choice quotes:

The LFA in particular is infamous for its insane intonations of raw power. Redlined at 9000rpm where the rev counter changes colour from snow white to devil´s red, the V10 is as intensely shrill as a Moto GP bike or a F1 racer. When the wide white wedge appears at the horizon, bystanders poise their mobile phones not only to freezeframe one of Europe´s rarest sports cars but also to capture that spine-tingling soundtrack.

In tunnels, people inadvertently step on the brake when the Lexus driver floors the loud pedal, because the xenon-eyed noiseball in their rear view mirror sounds and looks like an UFO heralding the end of the world. The SLS is more minor than major, all bass and tenor, roaring tiger rather than howling wolf.

The LFA is a limited-edition high-tech and high-mech item, heart-stoppingly pretty and very nicely put together, a puristic street racer for track days and early Sunday mornings. The SLS is a powerboat for the road, a mighty mauler which evokes fond memories of a glorious past, a surprisingly practical and highly visible tool for the dedicated driver.

Both cars are honest and straightforward, classy and competent, intriguing in the way they present themselves and perform, pleasantly free of gimmicks and tweaks, dynamically focused and deeply rewarding.

In the end, reviewer Georg Kacher takes the SLS over the LFA, mostly due to the stiffer suspension and some transmission jerkiness in the LFA, something he’s complained about before. Even so, it’s clearly a victory by a very narrow margin, and won mostly due to personal taste.

No matter the outcome, the article photos are superb:

Lexus LFA and Mercedes SLS Together
Lexus LFA Against Mercedes Benz SLS

And the best part? This comparison is only one of two — though the second part is currently only available in the actual Car Magazine.

[Source: Car Magazine]