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Lexus RX 450h Service Appointment

Lexus RX 450h at Performance Lexus

Last week, right before my long-term Lexus RX 450h loaner was set to be returned to Lexus Canada, I had the opportunity to bring it to my local Lexus dealership, Performance Lexus in St. Catharines, Ontario, for its 8,000km oil change.

I had arranged access to the service bays beforehand, so as soon as Master Technician Bruce Thomson had the RXh up on the hoist, I was in there taking some underbody photos:

Performance Lexus Oil Change Bruce Thomson

Lexus RX 450h Shocks

Lexus RX 450h on the Hoist

Three Lexus RXs in a row

Here’s a closeup of the RXh’s two electric motors:

Lexus RX 450h Front Electric Motor

Lexus RX 450h Rear Electric Motor

As you can see, the RXh pipes are already starting to show signs of wear. Even with weekly underbody car washes, these Canadian winters are absolute murder — I would swear there was more salt on the roads than snow in the fields.

Once the oil change was complete, the RXh was taken for a car wash and I visited the showroom. Funny thing—the showroom was completely empty, the dealership was preparing to host a GX 460 launch party. I had just enough time to chat with the sales staff before the RXh was ready and I was back on the road.

I have to say, before starting this website and getting access to press vehicles, Performance Lexus was the place I went to drive the latest and greatest Lexus vehicles, and every single employee I’ve met over the years has been super-friendly and well-informed. I can not recommend them enough—an extremely classy organization.


Of course, this marked the end of my RXh test-drive. I turned in the keys last week. Slowly working away on a final review along with going through all the photos. More shortly.

Special thanks to Lexus Canada for providing me with this vehicle for the purpose of review. The RX 450h with the Ultra Luxury Package retails for $71,400CAD ($67,150USD).