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Lexus CT 200h now on Lexus USA Website

Lexus USA has added official press photos and information to a new CT 200h page on its website:

Billed as “the darker side of green,” the CT 200h sportback will be heading to the US market once it becomes available—the site also shows different angle views of the white CT 200h, with the rear 3/4 view revealing the aft windshield wiper which was left off the Geneva floor model and other press photos:

Lexus CT 200h Rear Windshield Wiper

There is an option to sign up for e-mail updates and a future CT 200h Dark Ride, an “up-coming movie experience that allows you to virtually drive the all-new CT 200h.”

The CT 200h has also been added to’s hybrid power of h minisite, which shows much of the same information along with a rendering of the Lexus CT in silver:

Lexus CT 200h in Silver

[Via: Club Lexus]

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