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Poll Results: Favorite Lexus of the Past Decade

Favorite Lexus of the Past Decade

Last week, I asked you to vote for your favorite Lexus of the past decade—510 votes later, here are the results:

Poll Results: Favorite Lexus of the 2000s


1. Lexus IS F 20%
2. Lexus 2nd Gen IS 16%
3. Lexus 4th Gen LS 13%

The IS F received 1 of every 5 votes and took the poll with ease, not unlike how it would compete with the lineup on the track. Combine the IS F number with the second generation IS that it’s based on, and that design really put up a dominant performance. Victory lap (by Aaron Povoledo)!

One last thing—there was some confusion about the first generation IS not being included in the poll. I didn’t included it in the poll because of its 1998 release in Europe. That said, the IS SportCross should have been included. Sorry for the confusion, hopefully it didn’t skew the results too bad.

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    Lexus Ben
  • July 19, 2010
Would have imagine that with a 2010 model year car would have done an even better donut. (Notice lots of inner wheel spin hence no or really weak LSD)