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Lexus RX 450h to be Built in Canada?

Even more manufacturing news—Automotive News is reporting that Lexus RX 450h production may move from Japan to the Toyota Cambridge plant.

Motor Authority has more details:

During a press event, a Lexus executive Paul Williamsen said the first hybrid built outside of Japan will go into production this summer in Ontario, Canada, reports Automotive News. Williamsen is the national manager of Lexus College. He creates dealer courses on such topics as Lexus product knowledge and customer satisfaction.

However, Toyota spokesman Curt McAllister denied the claims, stating that “Lexus does not have any plans to build the RX hybrid in Canada”.

Considering the stringent quality control that goes into assembling the hybrid engines, it would likely take a new facility to build them. Also, it’s unlikely that Toyota would deny the claim if production was to start in the summer.

As Automotive News speculates, it’s possible that this manufacturing move was cancelled due to the current automotive sales crash.

[Source: Automotive News via Motor Authority]

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