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Lexus LFA to hit 220mph

Lexus LFA

Information about the upcoming Lexus LFA keeps coming—Edmunds is reporting that the Japanese supercar, which will be powered by a 550+hp 4.8L V10, is capable of 220mph (354km/hour):

Channeled through a six-speed Aisin AMT transmission bolted to a transaxle, that 220-mph top speed is 27 mph faster that the production Nissan GT-R and even the legendary Ferrari Enzo, the Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 and the Pagani Zonda F.

Our scoop squad has also learned that the actual production model looks very different from the prototypes seen at the Nürburgring, “especially around the headlights and grille.”

Sitting on a steel and aluminum chassis with a body employing copious amounts of lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum, the base model will cost between $220,000 and $250,000, while the top-of-the-line full-spec sports package will clear $300,000.

The high performance version mentioned is said to have a wider body and aero-parts similar to the racing prototype from this year’s Nürburgring race.

More than ever, it looks like Lexus is trying to make a very strong point with the LFA—after all the ups and downs through the supercar’s development, it’s starting to look like the final version will be well worth the effort.

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