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Lexus LFA Makes a Nürburgring Appearance

Lexus LFA

For the first time this year, the Lexus LFA racing concept car has been spotted at Nürburgring, likely due to its upcoming appearance in the upcoming 56. ADAC Westfalenfahrt being held this weekend at the Nordschleife—the same four-hour long distance race on the Nürburgring grand prix circuit that the LFA won last year.

Here’s the supercar from another angle:

New Lexus LFA

Here’s a photo of the LFA from last year, for comparison’s sake:

Old Lexus LFA

Not too much difference, other than the gigantic rear spoiler and some minor modifications in the front air intake.

(The drivers this weekend will be Hiromu Naruse, Minoru Takaki, and Yoshinobu Katsumata.)

[Source: World Car Fans ]

Update: Totally missed that this was posted on World Car Fans on Friday, meaning the LFA actually raced—and won—this past weekend. Here it is in full regalia:

Lexus LFA Racing

(Image by Deep Frozen.)

From the race results:

Sieger in der Klasse SP8: #92 Morizo / Quiros / Ida (Lexus LF-A) Winner in the SP8 class: # 92 Morizo / Quiros / Ida (Lexus LF-A)

Congrats to the LFA team!(Thanks Dan!)