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TTAC Review of the 1992 Lexus SC 400

The Truth About Cars has posted a review of the 1992 Lexus SC 400, a car many consider Lexus’s most influential design and perhaps the greatest Lexus ever made—here’s an excerpt:

Combined with the four-speed electronic automatic transmission, the engine is just plain unkillable. It can literally out-diesel a diesel when it comes to longevity, and it’s infinitely more quiet.

Speaking of which, when most people enter the SC400, the first things they will notice is the amazing material quality…Lexus today has a long history of coddling their occupants; this model certainly helped give rise to that rep.

With the exception of the LS 400, the SC 400 is the Lexus that I’ve driven most frequently—over the years, I must have test drove 30 of these coupes, and every time I’m always amazed at the absolutely classic design.

As the reviewer notes, most of the time, these old SC’s are extremely well-loved, but every once and a while, you can still stumble on a rare gem—and next time that happens to me, I might not be able to hold back buying the thing.

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