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Canadian Driver Reviews the Lexus ES 350

The Lexus ES 350 doesn’t get a lot of play, particularly with it in the third year of its design cycle, but this Canadian Driver review of the 2009 model is worth noting, as it manages to capture the ES’ appeal and includes a previously unheard (and likely untrue) rumor:

The 2009 model retains the nice new body, although next year, the ES 350 is said to be undergoing a major reworking. There’s also some speculation that Lexus might drop the model entirely, instead of launching a sixth-generation ES.

The performance hallmarks of the 2009 ES 350 don’t have much to do with the kind of numbers other Lexus models boast, such as zero-to-100 km/h time, but rather with creature comforts and understated elegance. Notes Lexus Canada’s managing director Tony Waring, “Canadians looking for signature styling, refined interiors, effortless handling and a luxurious, serene ride will love the ES 350’s elegance.”

The rumor is that ES will be receiving a mid-cycle facelift this year (along with the LS), but nowhere have I read that the model could be dropped all together, and probably for good reason. The ES is Lexus’ best selling sedan by far, trailing only the RX as the brand’s best selling model in the US. In light of that, what would drive Lexus to cancel the ES?

The other thing: The ES 350 is not bland, and it’s not ordinary. It’s an entry-level large sedan with an emphasis on comfort, an entirely under-represented segment in the luxury market. In fact, comparisons are hard to come by—which no doubt explaining the model’s success.

[Source: Canadian Driver]

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