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Healthy Start

Regular readers may have noticed that the Lexus news hasn’t been all that frequent lately, and I’d like to explain just what’s been happening “behind-the-scenes” here at TPP.

First of all, I’ve been extremely sick these last three weeks, having been hit by an extremely nasty cold that made it hard to do much of anything. I came down with the bug right after the Toronto Auto Show, which irritates me to no end — I haven’t even had time to look through all the photos I took or really reflect on what the vehicles were like in person.

The good news is that I’m feeling much better and posting will be picking up. In fact, I’ve got plans for big changes around here, starting with a name change: at some point over the next two weeks, The Passionate Pursuit will be switching to The Lexus Enthusiast. This is the first step in some much bigger plans, which includes new site features and some large, long-term content projects.

Short-term, I have a ton of articles to post up and plenty of research to dig into, so let’s get this car back on the road. More future details shortly…

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