The Power of H

Turns out, the Lexus shipping crate video that I posted earlier this week is the first part of a series of green movement infomercials. Here’s a small intro to The Power of H:

More details on the next two parts showed up in Brandweek:

“Landfill,” which is currently online at, details Wilkinson and De Maria reusing metal shipping containers to create chic, eco-friendly and structurally sound homes. A voiceover compares their mission to that of Lexus, which aims to be landfill-free. “Shipping containers transformed into homes, waste transformed to value.” A second spot chronicles the construction of the houses. Tagline for the ads: “The ‘Power of h.’”

Two other ads show a Tokyo man using the vibration of cars to light a bridge and relating it to a Lexus braking system, and a solar tree that lights a park at night.

Combined with its traditional advertising, this is a smart, natural direction for Lexus marketing. The focus on efficient, responsible manufacturing is only going to grow, and increasing public awareness of the steps Lexus is taking allows it to carve out a very important position in the market.

[Source: Brandweek]